Late-Night TV Hosts Hilariously Come To The Defense Of Meryl Streep

After Donald Trump tweeted his displeasure about Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech, the hosts of TV’s late-night talk show sprang to her defense on their respective shows Tuesday night.

From Conan O’Brien to James Corden to Seth Meyers to Stephen Colbert, they all weighed in, and, not surprisingly, were all firmly in Team Streep.

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Over on “The Late Late Show”, James Corden sprang to the defense of the actress, with whom he co-starred in “Into the Woods”. “In a tense exchange yesterday, a U.S. Navy destroyer fired warning shots at fast-approaching Iranian naval ships. So, of course, our President-elect tweeted about how overrated Meryl Streep is,” he quipped. “I mean, sure, she’s no Scott Baio, but overrated, you know, like when a reality star who’s filed for bankruptcy is elected President of the United States, it’s like that. Truth is, this was actually good news for Meryl — because ‘most overrated actress in Hollywood’ was literally the only award she hadn’t won yet.”

On “Conan”, host Conan O’Brien presented a hilarious faux telephone conversation between Trump and current President Barack Obama, asking Obama: “Listen, ya see my tweet about Meryl Streep?” Replied Obama: “Yes, it was ridiculous. She’s a beloved figure and an incredibly talented actress.” To which Trump responded: “She’s no Tara Reid.”

“Overrated? She’s so good, people use her to compliment people in other professions. Like LeBron James is the Meryl Streep of basketball. Or Donald Trump is the Meryl Streep of having thin skin,” said Seth Meyers on “Late Night”. “Whether these tweets are calculated distractions or just the ramblings of an unhinged narcissist, it’s clear Trump would much rather talk about his feud with Meryl Streep than, say, the fact that intelligence officials believe Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign to help Trump win the election.”

Stephen Colbert suggested a “Million Meryl March in protest: “Look Mr. Trump, you can refuse to release your taxes, you can call to ban an entire religion, you can play footsie with a dictator, but calling Meryl Streep overrated? No, no. Too far,” Colbert said on “The Late Show”. “I wasn’t going to go to that Million Woman March but I’m going now. It’s going to be a Million Meryl March — I’ll be the one holding blu-ray of ‘Kramer vs. Kramer’ and weeping.”


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