Can you smell what Tom Brady is cooking?

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The New England Patriots quarterback called out Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in a new Facebook video. Brady, 39, was promoting his new pyjama collaboration with Under Armour: “Hey Rock, what kind of sleepwear are you sleeping in,” Brady asked before putting on his best Dwayne Johnson impression and shouting, “It doesn’t matter what kind of sleepwear you’re sleeping in!”

And so kicked off the NFL star’s pitch: “Because I wanted to give you a heads up, that Under Armour and I are going to send you some of my new TB12 sleepwear,” he revealed.

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Brady hopes the pyjamas do wonders for the former WWE 10-time world heavyweight champion: “I’m really excited about it and they’re key for me in helping my body recover and achieve peak performance. And I know it will do the same for you. So I hope you enjoy it and I’ll seen you soon Rock.”

After viewing the video, Johnson responded with a video of his own, and his assessment of the famed QB’s acting abilities is less than kind.

“Sweet tap dancing baby Jesus. What in the f*** did we just watch?” he says in the video, comparing Brady’s stance to “Kermit the Frog, like you’re getting ready to sing ‘Rainbow Connection’.”

As for his preference in sleepwear, Johnson offers a TMI reveal: “It’s gonna be a change for your buddy DJ, because usually I sleep in the buff,” he quips. Watch: