Prince William Bonds With 9-Year-Old Girl Who Lost Her Dad: ‘I Lost My Mummy When I Was Very Young Too’

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge resumed their Royal duties in London on Wednesday where they both shed light on their personal struggles.

Kate Middleton’s first public appearance of 2017 saw her open up about the trials and tribulations of parenthood. “Parenting is tough,” the Duchess was overheard telling parents at the Anna Freud National Centre for Children. “And with the experiences you’ve all witnessed, to do that on top of your own anxieties, and the lack of support you also received as mothers… I find it extraordinary how you’ve managed actually.”

Middleton, who celebrated her 35th birthday this week, looked as elegant as ever while heading out to her first engagement of the year wearing an Eponine London coat.

Keystone Press
Keystone Press

The Duchess later joined Prince William for a visit to the Child Bereavement UK Centre, which the future King counts as one of his key causes. Marking its one-year anniversary, the centre offers supports to parents and children who are facing grief.

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There, he touched upon his own journey after having lost his mother Princess Diana when he was only 15-years-old. “Do you know what happened to me?” he asked a 9-year-old girl name Aoife. “You know I lost my mummy when I was very young too. I was [15] and my brother was 12. So we lost our mummy when we were young as well. Do you speak about your daddy? It’s very important to talk about it, very, very important.”

When speaking with reporters, Aoife said “it was really nice that he talked to me… it was like there are other people who know what it is like to lose someone.”

Julia Samuel, the charity’s founding patron, a great friend of Princess Diana and one of Prince George’s godparents, opened up about The Duke and Duchess’ warmth and their impact on the cause. They “put people at ease by being so warm and so open and cracking jokes… you can see the terror in peoples’ eyes as they walk in, and you can see that fall away within a few minutes as people realize they are normal. That is always kind of touching to see.”

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She added, “they really understand and care about the issues…[William] is helping us raise awareness in a way that no one else can do… that’s because people can see how authentic, and heartfelt, he is and he’s experienced it. People can pick up authenticity within seconds.”

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