Howie Mandel Reveals He And Madonna Once Flirted Heavily

During an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Thursday, Howie Mandel reveals that during a boxing event years ago he had a very memorable encounter with Madonna.

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The Queen of Pop entered the room and looked at Mandel and began flirting. The two started to share exchanges and Mandel quickly realized that she was not that into him. “And then I realized I am standing right under a monitor and there’s a fight on,” he revealed. “She’s reacting to it, but I think it’s me!”

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Mandel says he is so scarred from the awkward exchange that every time he sees Madonna now, he makes a face calling back to that memorable exchange of theirs: “I want her think it’s my twitch. I want her to think I didn’t think she was looking at me!”



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