Howdy! Welcome to another glitter-infused edition of This Week In Music Videos, the weekly ET Canada feature that delivers a collection of hot new clips in one easy-to-swallow capsule.

Every Friday we showcase the biggest, boldest and brightest music videos that have tumbled out into the world over the past seven days. Some clips are spectacular, a few are spectacularly awful and occasionally there’s one or two that revolutionize the way we shovel Jalapeno Cheetos in our mouth and gawk at them crazy moving pictures.

Alright, time to hop on the music promo locomotive. *puts on crystal conductor’s cap*

Ariel Pink – Put Your Number In My Phone Psychedelic pop enfant terrible (adulte terrible?) Ariel Pink hits up the mall in his latest promo. SASSY BRACELETS FROM CLAIRE’S FOR ALL! If you’re hoping for a New Radicals or Robin Sparkles homage, you might be a touch disappointed. “Put Your Number In My Phone”; has more of a Midnight Cowboy thing going on. (Y’know, if Joe Buck and Ratso Rizzo had access to a Hurricane Simulator.)

Pitbull featuring John Ryan – Fireball Pitbull hooks up with a woman with an apparent Daddy Warbucks fetish in his new clip. There’s also some Tex Avery-style visual gags (there was room in the budget for exactly three) and Pitbull doing his best to get you to drink his brand of vodka. “Fireball”; is total wedding DJ bait, right? There’s no way this song won’t be a staple of middle-aged soused uncle dancing for years to come.

Jennifer Castle – Nature Why barf your fried spaghetti-filled guts out on a suspect-looking Tilt-A-Whirl when you can just spend your time at the fair looking cool and contemplative. That’s what Toronto singer-songwriter Jennifer Castle is up to in her freshly released promo for “Nature”;. We hope Jennifer was presented with a commemorative windbreaker for joining the pantheon of “serious face on a ferris wheel in a music video”; recording artists.

Wasted Potential – Two Pumps and a Quiver Will Pizza Hut ditch Blake Shelton as their spokesbro and helicopter in “gluten-free crust punk”; outfit Wasted Potential as his replacement? Probably not. Should they? We’ll let you be the judge.

Austin Mahone – Secret Pop pin-up Austin Mahone is interested in hearing all of your secrets. Will he sell those secrets to America’s enemies? We hope not, but that’s his call. This brand new promo also lets fans in on an exciting secret about Austin’s concerts. That secret being that his shows involve a lot of smiling, dancing and screams from teenaged girls. Shh! Don’t tell anyone!

Vevo – Maroon 5 Super Fan Showdown This clip from Vevo isn’t a music video, but it does feature two enthusiastic superfans answering trivia questions in a bid to win a signed Maroon 5 poster in a sturdy frame. If you’re obsessed with Adam Levine’s scent, this game was constructed just for you.

SBTRKT featuring Ezra Koenig – New Dorp, New York The new Ezra-assisted clip from SBTRKT feels a bit like an alternate universe version of those elaborate in-arena pump-up videos you see before a major sporting event.

Lady Antebellum – I Did With You A tale of young romance is placed on display in the latest slice of visual accompaniment from Lady Antebellum. Never forget that one of the big perks of being a mega-selling country trio is that you get to commandeer a junior high drama space whenever you feel like it. WE’RE GOING TO NEED YOUR AUDITORIUM! OFFICIAL NICHOLAS SPARKS-RELATED BUSINESS! (“I Did With You”; is the main theme for the soundtrack of the upcoming film adaptation of Sparks’s The Best Of Me.)

MNEK – In Your Clouds The latest promo from MNEK is borderline NSFW. There’s nothing particularly rude going on at all, but someone from Human Resources might make you take a drug test on account of all the mega-trippy visuals.

That wraps things up for this week’s edition of TWIMV, but we’ll be back next week with a tenderly massaged assortment of brand new videos. Don’t forget to keep your browser locked to ET Canada for daily music news, plus blog coverage of hot new video releases as they happen.

Play us out, Don Johnson!