In GQ“s first-ever Age issue, among the stars who discuss how they stay youthful while getting older is Tom Selleck, who, at age 69, is busier than ever as star of the CBS cop drama Blue Bloods.

In GQ“s web exclusive interview, Tom discusses a wide range of topics, including why he doesn’t regret his decision to pass on one of the big screen’s most iconic roles: Indiana Jones.

Tom recalls how he was offered the role of the swashbuckling archeologist in Raiders of the Lost Ark, but would only have been able to take the part by breaking his contract with Magnum PI, the show that made him a star. “I did the right thing,”; he says. “I kept my word. I lived up to the contract. I think I have a hyperactive sense of responsibility. Some actors, that kind of thing might’ve killed them.”;

But not Tom, and he’s happy to find himself playing what he characterizes as a unique patriarch, the cop father of a family of cops on Blue Bloods. “He’s got issues,”; he says of his character, “but at the same time, most dads on TV are idiots. Homer Simpson is an idiot.”;

On the topic of sex, Tom says, “Most of that stuff’s private,”; but admits that age does play a part. “I think it’s fair to say you don’t have sex as often as you did when you were 30. That’s a good generalization.”;

As for his famous moustache — which, he reveals, does not have a nickname — he offers this advice for anyone looking to sprout a similar “stache. “Go through puberty,”; he quips. “Very important. I don’t know, I know guys… Ashton Kutcher told me — I did a movie with him, I played his father-in-law — and he was joking; he said, “I can’t grow one.’ Part of that’s genetic. You either got it or you don’t.”;

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