When you’re an out-of-the-box hit returning for a second season, the pressure is on to live up to expectations set from that awesome first season.

That’s where Sleepy Hollow finds itself, chronicling the pulse-pounding adventures of lost-in-time Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) as he finds himself in the future with no less a mission than heading off the apocalypse. As he and costar Nicole Beharie tell ET Canada, things are going to get even wilder now that the show is back for season two.

“When you leave the season at the point we did,” Mison tells ET Canada, “and that’s the starting point for this season, you have to go at it guns-a-blazing.”

As he tells us, the fact that the show was so embraced by fans means that the cast and producers simply need to kick things up a notch. “You can’t do more of the same,”; says Mison. “You’ve got to keep inventing.”;

So what’s coming up next? How about a Revolutionary reunion that finds Ichabod taking on the forces of evil by teaming up with America’s founding fathers, including Ichabod’s former mentor Benjamin Franklin (who’ll be played by The West Wing‘s Timothy Busfield).

“Washington, Jefferson, Adams and me,” quips Mison. “We’ve become The Avengers… Sleepy Hollow Avengers!”

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