Colin Mochrie Opens Up About Transgender Daughter Kinley’s Journey

When comedian Colin Mochrie tweeted Sunday about his family’s support of daughter Kinley’s transition from male to female, he had no idea of the impact it would have.

“That day, there just seemed to be a lot of negativity,” he tells ET Canada’s Sangita Patel in his first sit-down interview alongside his daughter. “I thought this would be a nice little thing about acceptance from Kinley’s grandparents.”

Kinley, 26, says the support from her famous father was “really lovely.”

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She even involved her parents in her transition, getting their input on her new name.

“I said to my parents, ‘I would love to know what names you like and what name you would give me now,’ and they came back to me the next day with a list of, like, 20 names,” she recalls, adding that there was “just something about” the name they settled upon that “felt very much like” her.

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Now that her transition has been made public, Kinley hopes to spread a message of self-assurance to those who are struggling with their gender identity.

“Gender is self-determined [and] you are the only person who gets to make that call,” she says. “There will be doubt. There will be days where you struggle. But just know that all that matters is how you feel.”

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