“Shark Tank” star Kevin O’Leary’s announcement that he’ll be running for the leadership of Canada’s Conservative party has been greeted with no shortage of skepticism, but one of O’Leary’s former co-stars on CBC’s “Dragon’s Den” is sharing her belief that O’Leary would make a lousy leader.

Arlene Dickinson is pulling no punches when it comes to addressing O’Leary’s leadership ambitions. “I will have a drink with Kevin O’Leary,” she said during an interview with CBC News on Wednesday, “that doesn’t mean I think he should be a leader of our country.”

Dickinson, who left the CBC reality hit in 2015, took things a step further in an opinion piece she wrote for CBC News, asking: “Is the cold, money-driven person we see on television what we will get as a potential political leader?”

Her answer: “Yes, he’s exactly the same person privately as he is on camera,” adding: “Kevin’s total lack of empathy toward these Canadians who put their heart and soul on the line, I can assure you, was genuine.”

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“Kevin is funny, I often enjoyed a glass of wine with him,” Dickinson admits. “He’s also intelligent and a savvy self-promoter. But at his core, he’s an opportunist. He doesn’t do anything that doesn’t offer a path to power, fame or fortune — and that should have us all afraid.”

Dickinson also blasts O’Leary as an opportunist, writing: “Like all opportunists, Kevin shifts positions when it’s convenient.”

She concludes by writing: “Self-interest isn’t what politics should be about, and it’s not what drives good decisions. Politics isn’t just about dollars and cents, it’s about people. It’s about shepherding all Canadians through good times and bad, and ensuring that the most vulnerable stay with the flock.”

She adds: “I don’t want a leader that’s only in it for themselves. I do not want a leader who will cut and run when it’s in his best-interest. I don’t want a leader who views our country as nothing more than a balance sheet. Whatever your political stripe, I’ve found Canadians to be compassionate and caring people. Canadians deserve a compassionate and caring person to lead their country. Conservatives have several candidates to choose from. Kevin O’Leary shouldn’t be one of them.”

Here is a sampling of the mixed social media reaction to Dickinson’s open letter she penned on O’Leary’s run for the Conservative leadership: