One of the fall TV season’s most anxiously awaited returns was The Blacklist, which debuted its second season last week by introducing a new piece of the puzzle: mysterious Naomi Highland (Mary-Louise Parker) — who just happens to be Red’s (James Spader) ex-wife!

When ET Canada“s Roz Weston visited the set of the show, however, the stars of The Blacklist were typically tight-lipped when it came to making any other revelations, although we can be sure there will be many more bombshells dropped in the weeks to come.

“Do you have some piece of knowledge,”; asks Roz, “something that has gone on that you guys have shot that would, if you were to say it right now, would blow everybody’s mind?”;

“Oh yeah,”; says Megan Boone, who plays FBI profiler Elizabeth Keen, although she didn’t share what that would be. Adds her co-star Diego Klattenhoff, “We have a few secrets coming out this year, so it should be interesting.”; Those secrets, however, are “really under lock and key.”;

As Megan reveals, the Liz we see in season two is a far different person than the woman we met when the series began. “Liz is stronger now,”; she says, “having been through the pain of last year. She may be a little bit more cynical, but at least she’s wiser.”;

Catch more of Roz’s interview with the Blacklist stars below, where they discuss star James Spader and share their thoughts on fans who want their characters to hook up on the show.

The Blacklist airs Mondays on Global.