‘Jim Parsons Is Too Stupid For Politics’ (But He’s Not Leaving ‘The Big Bang Theory’)

You heard it here first, folks — and from the man himself.

“The Big Bang Theory” star is set to host a new radio show, premiering on SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen-led Radio Andy that will introduce listeners and Parsons himself to the current political climate, which, if today’s riots in Washington are any indication, is heated.


“The title came from the fact that I reached a point – it’s been brewing in me for some time – but in the heat of this election, I found myself in some really passionate positions one way or the other and the more I thought and the more I talked about it the more I realized how many layers of things I don’t fully understand,” the actor shares with ET Canada.

“And I just thought, if there was a way I could, you know, selfishly, get myself more educated and become a better voter, as I keep saying ‘I’m going to vote’, so it would behoove us all that I know a little bit better what I’m talking about and what the hell I’m voting on.”

Now, as much as Parsons says he’s being “selfish” with his foray into radio, the 43-year-old hopes that listeners will get something out of the show as well.

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“Without having done an episode yet, I will say at the heart of the matter, what I think would be great is, if at nothing else, you found you could listen to differing points of view without screaming, yelling or fearing for your life,” Parsons tells us. “There’s a lot of these really high emotions running right now, in both directions – elated, frightened, and it’s not a good place to make decisions.”

And it seems the man responsible for the show, Andy Cohen, agrees.

“Jim is the perfect addition to Radio Andy,” Cohen said in a statement. “His voice, humor and intellect are exactly what we need starting on Inauguration Day!”

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So what does Parsons think of his “inaugural” debut?

“Oh I’m scared to death — are you kidding me?” he explains.

Parsons also told us that he has “no intentions on leaving ‘The Big Bang Theory’,” joking, “Why would I? Leave all this?” The actor does dish on the Sheldon spin-off currently in the works. Watch the video below for more.

The first episode of “Jim Parsons Is Too Stupid For Politics” will air January 20 at 7 pm ET. The live one-hour talker will run for six weeks on Radio Andy, channel 102.

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