Karen Gillan Defends ‘Jumanji’ Costume: ‘My Character Is Really Not Happy About It’

While the “Jumanji” reboot doesn’t hit theatres until December, the film is already causing some controversy, thanks to Karen Gillan’s sexualized costume for her character.

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actress says there is a reason for it in the film and you’ll have to wait to see it to find it out. This isn’t the first time Gillan has encountered this kind of backlash before, though. “I’ve experienced something similar when I worked on ‘Doctor Who’ and there was such an uproar about my costume when that was first revealed, so I thought it was happening all over again,” she said.

Gillan is honest and said she would never take on a role that was gratuitously sexualized. “There’s a really valid reason why she’s wearing that. My character is really not happy about it!” she admitted. The actress defend the character’s outfit on Twitter in September when the first image from the reboot was released and Twitter was not happy about it:

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The new “Jumanji” film is less of a remake or sequel and a continuation of the iconic 1995 movie starring Robin Williams and Bonnie Hunt. The reboot stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black, alongside Gillan.

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