Priyanka Chopra is still reeling from her hospitalization earlier this month when the actress injured herself on the set of her hit show, “Quantico”. She slipped and fell while doing her own stunts for a scene and it caused her to be rushed to hospital because it was so severe.

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During Monday’s episode of “Live with Kelly”, Chopra, 34, discussed the severity of the accident. “That’s what happens when you get overconfident,” the actress poked fun at herself. “I slipped and had a concussion. I wish I had a better story to tell… but I just slipped on a rainy day! It was such an anti-glamorous fall,” she revealed.

She hit her head on the bumper of a car and then hit it again on the floor. “Then I went to the ER, I did a CAT scan. My brain was bruised a little bit,” Chopra said.

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The injury had Chopra bedridden for a few days and she couldn’t really do a lot, like watch TV or even read. “I did have someone waking me up every two hours. I wasn’t supposed to watch TV or read anything, so I had a weekend off with just Amy Schumer in my ears, listening to her new book,” Chopra said about her recovery process.

Last Wednesday, Chopra won the People’s Choice Award for Favourite Dramatic TV Actress and looked to be feeling back to normal, even doing a little shake for the fans. “I’m really psyched!” she said as she accepted her award. “Can I do a little wiggle?” Joking, “Sorry, it’s the concussion talking. Thank you.”