First Look At Netflix Mystery ’13 Reasons Why’, From Executive Producer Selena Gomez

“13 Reasons Why” is Selena Gomez’s “passion project” and we have your exclusive first look.

“I’m about to tell you the story of my life… more specifically, why my life ended,” so begins the first teaser for upcoming Netflix mystery series “13 Reasons Why”, based on the 2007 bestselling young-adult novel by Jay Asher.

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Executive produced by none other than Gomez, the story surrounds high school student Clay Jensen, who receives a mysterious package containing 13 cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Taylor, classmate who recently committed suicide. In each tape, Hannah details how 13 people — including Clay — drove her to take her own life.

Australian actress Katherine Langford makes her professional acting debut playing the leading role of Hannah in the adaptation, starring opposite Dylan Minnette and Kate Walsh.

Brian Yorkey is the Pulitzer Prize-winning series creator and writer.


“13 Reasons Why” will make its debut on Friday, March 31.



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