Gigi Gorgeous has always been outspoken about her very public transition as a young transgender woman, but now fans will get an even closer look into her life in the new trailer for “This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous”.

The powerful film will show Gigi growing up as Gregory, turning into viral Youtube beauty vlogger Gregory Gorgeous and finally becoming Gigi Gorgeous.

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Gorgeous came out to her followers as transgender in December 2013 and has since gained 2.2 million subscribers to her Youtube channel.

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Throughout the film fans will see early struggles with Gigi’s mother death and a battle in Dubai last year where Gigi was detained at the airport for being transgender.

“Having Gigi happy is way more important than me having old Greg,” her father says in tears in the official trailer.

The emotional documentary is directed by two-time Academy Award winner Barbara Kopple.

It officially premieres at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and as a Youtube Red original on Feb. 6.