Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Reveals Her Eyelashes Were Ripped Out On ‘Mad Max’ Set

“Mad Max: Fury Road” may have won six Academy Awards, but star Rosie Huntington-Whiteley reveals she contributed more than just her on-screen performance.

In a new interview with Britain’s “This Morning”, the model-turned-actress reveals that her eyebrows were ripped off during the film’s production.

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“They put the cast over my head, it was a very weird and surreal moment,” she explains. “And as they took it off, it pulled out all my eyelashes because the plaster got into my eyelashes and pulled them all out!”

After the behind-the-scenes mishap, Huntington-Whiteley says it took roughly three months for her brows to grow back, in what she calls her “biggest makeup or beauty fail.”

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Aside from the on-set snafu, the actress also discussed her day-to-day makeup regime, which she says she learned from her mother.

“[She] always told me make up should enhance, never hide, and you should celebrate your favourite asset,” she says. “I don’t follow any trends, I want to feel the best I can feel. It’s always about feeling natural and polished and easy.”

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