Pamela Anderson Admits She’s ‘Speechless’ After Visiting French Refugee Camp: ‘I’m So Angry… It Was Chaos’

Pamela Anderson says that she’s “speechless” after visiting a refugee camp in France and witnessing the “chaos” and suffering first-hand.

According to the New York Daily News, the B.C.-born former “Baywatch” star visited the camp in Dunkirk on behalf of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and humanitarian aid organization Help Refugees in order to deliver hats, gloves, and fruit.

“I’m leaving Dunkirk now,” Anderson wrote on her blog. “I’m speechless. I’m so angry. The children are so lovely and polite. I gave out blankets, hats, gloves, fruit, colouring books, and crayons. Some were so fearful they wouldn’t get a blanket or crayons or an apple — it was chaos. I’ll never forget today.”

She praised the volunteers who are trying to ease the suffering of the refugees, but admits that “the politics are incomprehensibly devastating.”

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“The men every night go out, hide in, under, on lorries,” she wrote. “A boy died on the freeway the other day. Some make it across the border. Some don’t, and have to walk back. Or worse. Then they sleep all day and try again. Every night. There is no other way. No hope. No help. People must see what is happening. Beautiful and innocent people are shown such little respect.”

Anderson’s goal is to make the plight of the refugees real to people, and not just a far-removed story on the news.

“Imagine if every person could come see this? Policy would change,” she wrote. “It’s hard to engage people to act without empathy — and unfortunately most people don’t feel it by watching the news; but, by meeting people and seeing for themselves — it would change everything.”

After experiencing it first-hand, she writes, “I’ll never be the same.”

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Keystone Press via ZUMA Press


Keystone Press via ZUMA Press
Keystone Press via ZUMA Press


Keystone Press via ZUMA Press
Keystone Press via ZUMA Press


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