Kristen Stewart Talks Directing Vs. Acting: ‘I’ve Made A Million Bad Movies’

Kristen Stewart has ventured to the other side of the camera to make her directorial debut with “Come Swim”, a 17-minute short film that the former “Twilight” star debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

In an interview with, the actress — who wrote and directed “Come Swim” — opens up on a wide variety of topics, including the process of moviemaking and what she’s learned from directing.

“I’m a pretty obsessive person, which is I think entirely necessary,” said Stewart. “You have to be a little crazy to put yourself through something like that and actually make it happen. I was probably a little bit more controlling than I thought I would have been.”

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She adds: “My favourite thing in the world is when it feels like something starts to get up and walk itself. When something’s really good, and it’s rare — honestly I’ve made a million bad movies. Not bad, it’s just like sometimes they don’t come together in a way that feels miraculous and when they do, it genuinely feels like something is floating and you’re all sort of blowing on it to keep it up and it’s like, that fully happened.”

Following her experience with “Come Swim”, does the actress see herself making the move to directing features?

“Yeah. Honestly it took me too long, like I can’t believe I’m already 26 and I just made my first short,” she admitted. “I don’t see, like, a huge distinction between acting and directing the way I approach it. So, I want to allow myself to ride some momentum and allow that to give me confidence. Still, I love what I do. It’s kind of the same thing. It’s like when it’s good and it’s f***ing cohesive and right… I have manic happy eyes, like I get so f***ing stoked when something works, I literally look like an insane person. It’s so satisfying, it’s crazy, I grit my teeth.”

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She also offers some advice for other women who want to venture behind the camera. “Anyone I’ve met that’s doing things for themselves and really compelled to do so, you can’t get in their way,” she added. “There’s just no stopping them and I would say, trust that. There are people that just desperately see things and just want to explain the beauty of something. If you have that, you f***ing have it. It’s the worst advice ever, but just believe in desire. It’s the worst f***ing feeling in the world just to want something and deprive yourself of it. Just f***ing do it.”

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