“The Big Bang Theory” star Mayim Bialik is speaking out against the recent immigration ban issued by U.S. President Donald Trump. On the Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet, the actress tells Sangita Patel that President Trump’s Muslim ban hits close to home for her.

She reveals that as a daughter of immigrants and activists, this issue means a lot to her and that’s why she’s using her voice to speak out against Trump’s controversial executive order.

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“Well, Canada has stepped up and made a public statement that diversity is the strength of Canada,” Bialik says. “Diversity is the strength of this country as well. I’m the grandchild of refugees and I’m the child of civil rights activists, so this means a lot to me,” she adds.

For the actress a lot of what is currently going on in the United States since Trump became President, just over a week ago, has been hitting close to home for her. “There is a lot that is unacceptable and very un-American,” she says.

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“Just because I’m an actress doesn’t mean I’m not also a mom, a scientist, a writer, a child and a grandchild,” Bialik adds.

She is not the only celebrity who spoke out this weekend after the president’s order that banned anyone from one of seven Muslim-majority countries – Syria, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Somalia – from entering the U.S. for 90 days.

Singer John Legend also spoke out on Saturday at the Producers Guild of America Awards against the ruling. “We’re going to defeat him. He is an enemy of inclusion and he’s going to lose,” Legend says.