Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are real life lovebirds and play lovers on the run in the new car chase flick, “Hit and Run”;. The pair dishes about the actor’s other love, for cars, with ET Canada“s Matte Babel.

Not only does Dax co-direct the car chase film, he really puts the pedal to the medal as one of the movie’s stars. Kristen reveals to Matte that Dax is in fact doing the driving in the film: “The entire time! He does not let anyone else including me touch his cars.”;

Dax and Kristen debuted the film “Hit and Run” in Los Angeles this week. Photo: Getty

Dax says their off-screen romance did make it into the film, joking: “We wrestle each other, and slap each other and she pulls my hair and it makes me insecure.”;

But when it comes to applying their onscreen skills in real life, Dax says his better half would likely be better on the run. “He’s unhideable,”; she says. “For some reason this nose… boy you can see it from a hundred yards,”; he jokes. “I think I would be spotted pretty quickly.”;

Watch the uncut interview below!