Sienna Miller has some regrets about her hard partying back in the day. The actress, in an interview with LOVE magazine, opens up about the damage her career faced from her previous lifestyle.

Miller, 35, says that she realized that her actions did have repercussions when she was becoming more famous for being a party girl than for her acting career. She suddenly stopped receiving acting offers and that’s when it turned around for her.

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“I just wanted to have fun and not taper my behaviour in any way, and it was hurtful, somehow, to my career,” Miller says about her past. For the actress, her previous lifestyle was a result of the ’90s: “I grew up in the ’90s watching everyone getting away with what they got away with. I was like, Oh, the Gallaghers [did it], f**k it,” she says jokingly.

Miller is now a mother to her four-year-old daughter Marlow, and that’s where we can find her in between roles. The actress says she’s much more boring these days, but happier.

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She most recently worked with Ben Affleck on “Live By Night”, released earlier this year, and has had a slew of recent roles in such films as “Foxcatcher”, “Burnt”, and “American Sniper”.