Actor, activist and new fur-dad Adrian Grenier is joining Dog Tales Rescue & Sanctuary’s campaign to save the lives of 21 dogs rescued from a Tilbury dog-fighting ring.

Petitioning to allow the rescue to help rehabilitate the dogs, Grenier and his new dog, Pip, highlight the irony of the situation, saying, “Once rescued, these dogs entered a new, tragic chapter in their lives and were given a death sentence by the very organization that is meant to protect them.”

The former “Entourage” star is joining a growing list of celebrities standing up and sharing the hashtag #SaveThe21 in hopes that the Ontario SPCA will withdraw their application to euthanize the animals.

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ANIMAL LOVERS – WE NEED YOUR HELP! … More than one year ago, a group of dogs were rescued from a fighting ring in Tilbury, Ontario. These dogs had spent their entire lives being forced to fight knowing that if they won, they would be forced to fight again, and that if they lost, they would die. When the dogs were first rescued, animal lovers rejoiced. But that joy soon turned to devastation, when, just a few short months after their rescue, an application was placed before the court by the Ontario SPCA requesting to have 21 of the dogs euthanized. We do not believe that these dogs have been given a fair opportunity to experience just how wonderful life can be, and we do not believe that victims should pay the ultimate price for the crimes committed against them. The plight of these dogs has broken the hearts of animal-lovers around the world, including superstar @parishilton who has teamed up with us to help save their lives. After a year spent fighting this battle in court, we have realized that the only way to save these dogs is to show the decision-makers just how many people care. We’re planning something BIG, and we need your help getting it started! Share a photo of yourself (or your dog!) holding a sign that reads #SaveThe21 on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and be sure to tag us. Together, we CAN #SaveThe21 !

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“These dogs don’t need to be killed,” Grenier pleads in the video.

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Marking the plight of these dogs by encouraging fans and families to share photos of themselves and their pets alongside the hashtag, the rescue hopes the personal touch will bring more attention to the cause.

“Dog Tales has offered to transfer the dogs out of Ontario to the Dogs Playing for Life National Canine Centre for Advanced Behaviour Support,” co-founder of Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary Robert Scheinberg says.

“Our team of experts believe that these dogs can be rehabilitated, and that, at the very least, they deserve a chance… No victim should pay the ultimate price for the crimes committed against them.”

To find out how you can help #SaveThe21, head over to the website.