Life can be cruel sometimes.

The Wu-Tang Clan remix of Drake’s “Wu-Tang Forever”; has been shelved. The legendary Staten Island hip-hop outfit talked to MTV about the nixed release.

When I talked to (Drake), he wanted, I think, me and Rae to go in, but for whatever reasons it never happened,“; Ghostface Killah told the cable music network’s news division.

U-God says that things just didn’t click between the two camps.

“I guess we came too hard for him; he wanted us to talk about broads,”; offered the rapper. “We had to write it real fast. No lie, I probably had about six hours to write this thing. At the time, I wasn’t feeling woman-y — I was feeling hard as nails. So, I wrote him a hard as nail rhyme, and we was talking about something totally different, so the subject matter didn’t really mesh.”;

Ghostface noted that there wasn’t any bad blood between Wu-Tang and Drake. He also praised Drizzy’s talent on the mic.

“I like Drake, though,” said the “Daytona 500″ recording artist. “I like him because he pays homage. But at the end of the day, he knows how to rhyme. He’s not weak.”