For most people, interviewing an ex on live television would rank right up there with novocaine-free dentistry or eating a plate full of eyeballs on “Fear Factor”, but former flames Busy Philipps and Colin Hanks clearly aren’t most people.

The one-time couple proved that on Tuesday’s edition of “Live With Kelly”, with the former “Cougar Town” star serving as Kelly Ripa’s co-host, while Hanks was appearing as a guest to promote his new HBO documentary “Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis”.

As it turns out, Philipps and Hanks are still good friends after breaking up many years ago (the pair met in college when Phillips was 18 and Hanks was 19).

“We are very, very close friends now. His wife [Samantha Bryant] and I are very tight. He and my husband [Marc Silverstein] hang out,” shared Philipps to Ripa before Hanks joined them onstage. “But we dated for a long time, actually. He’s really excited that I am here co-hosting.”

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Quipped Hanks once he sat down: “It’s not awkward going on national television and being interviewed by your old college girlfriend.”

Ripa then asked the question that was on viewers’ minds: why did this adorable couple split up?

“Honestly, I was a jerk,” Philipps admitted, while Hanks added, “I was too.”

In addition, the two discussed being romantically involved during their formative years while both their careers began taking off.

“We got our first television show the same week. We got our first movies within the same week. We were able to go through these really special moments in young actors’ lives together,” revealed Hanks. “Now we also get to do morning school drop-off together! Our kids are in the same school.”