Ricky Gervais likes eating and drinking, so why should he stop?

“The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon had to figuratively eat his own words after telling guest Gervais, “You look great!” Gervais, 55, called Fallon out on the cliche compliment. “I look great? Is that sarcasm?” the English comedian asked.

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“Look at me! Of course, I don’t look great, look. I’m worse than last time,” he continued. Fallon’s innocent remark derailed the show into a comedy-filled banter on obesity, instead of their planned promotion of Gervais’ new Netflix mockumentary “David Brent: Life on the Road”.

Questioning how anyone could reach 700 pounds on the scale, a feat he said requires constant effort, Gervais found a silver lining in his own 10-pound weight gain. “My penis is small, but I can still see it.”

Fallon suggested Gervais could cut back on his calories or stop eating and drinking. Don’t expect that to happen anytime soon. “No, I’m not going to stop eating or drinking… What’s the point in living longer if you’re sober?” Gervais said before quipping, “Especially these days.”

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The English “Office” star continued his rant by calling out a school in London for wanting to ban the word “obese”, leading Fallon to crumple up his list of talking points for the evening. “[The school] said they wanted to ban the word ‘obese’ because it was offensive to — I don’t know how to describe them — to kids who are as wide as they are tall,” Gervais teased.

“Don’t ban the word, go for a run,” Gervais pleaded.