Mary Tyler Moore’s Husband Grieving Wife’s Death: ‘The Emptiness I Feel Without Her… Is Without Bottom’

Mary Tyler Moore’s husband gets candid after the death of his loving wife.

Dr. S. Robert Levine, a cardiologist and Moore’s husband of 33-plus years, is mourning Moore’s passing in a new statement to People. “I can’t believe she is gone. Mary was my life, my light, my love. The emptiness I feel without her with me is without bottom. She was a force of nature who fiercely defended her autonomy even as her health was failing,” Levine writes.

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“Mary was fearless, determined, and willful. If she felt strongly about something, or that there was truth to be told, she would do it, no matter the consequences.”

The multiple-time Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actress passed way on January 25 at 80 years old after a bout with pneumonia. Levine is still coping with the death. “She was kind, genuine, approachable, honest, and humble. And she had that smile. Oh, to see her smile that smile, just once more…”

Levine has found solace in Moore’s colleagues and fans. “My sadness is only tempered by the remarkable outpouring of good wishes, tributes, and personal ‘Mary stories’ told, with heart, by those touched by her grace.”

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“As long as we all remember her, talk about her, share our stories about her, and what she meant to us, her light will never go out,” the statement concludes.

Moore married twice before meeting Levine, her husband of more than 33 years. She first tied the knot to producer Richard Meeker and then to television executive Grant Tinker. Two years after the tragic death of her only son, 24-year-old Ritchie, Moore finally met Levine.

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