Margot Robbie, 26, has some big skates to fill for her role as disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding in “I, Tonya”. Judging from leaked behind-the-scenes footage, Robbie has perfectly channelled the foul-mouthed ice queen of the early ’90s.

Clad in a bubblegum pink spandex bodysuit with teased bangs, the 26-year-old Australian actress gives her best impression of Harding, the U.S. skater who, together with the help of her husband and bodyguard, launched an attack on her teammate and rival, Nancy Kerrigan, ahead of the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway. The attack was meant to break the skater’s leg, but the hired thug botched the attack, leaving Kerrigan badly bruised but still able to compete, going on to win the silver medal while Harding placed eighth overall.

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In the leaked video from the film’s Atlanta, Georgia set, Robbie skates across the ice to the skating judges, launching into a foul-mouthed tirade in front of the crowd, telling the judging panel to “Suck my d***”.

Robbie is joined in the film by Sebastian Stan, who plays Harding’s husband Jeff Gillooly, and Caitlin Carver, 24, as Kerrigan. Robbie and her new producer husband, Tom Ackerley, also serve as producers on the film.

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Newlywed Robbie has been practicing for the role for months, perfecting her skating routines to be able to mimic some of Harding’s performances on the ice.

Last year, she told Glamour she was looking forward to getting on the ice.

“I’m really excited because I love acquiring a new skill for a role, it’s one of the biggest treats of acting,” she said. “On the producing side of it – if I get an injury I’m scared I’m going to ruin everything so I’m nervous.”

Watch the video of Robbie on the ice as Harding below.