Former “Bachelorette Canada” Jasmine Lorimer joined Cheryl Hickey in the ET Canada studio on Friday to update us on life after the show.

Opening up about the struggles that come with long distance relationships (Jasmine lives in Vancouver, while Kevin is in Toronto) to her newfound relationship with Kevin’s mom, the no-longer single 29-year-old revealed she’s “wrapping her mind” around a cross-Canada move.

“I’m mentally wrapping my head around it right now,” Lorimer says of the move, “but I don’t have any absolute set in stone plans on when I would come, but we are talking about spring.”

The one thing Jasmine has wrapped her mind around is latest “Bachelor” villain, Corinne Olympios.

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“She doesn’t intentionally go out to get all the girls,” Lorimer says of Corinne’s headline making shenanigans, adding that “the only reason she’s been mean is in retaliation to someone else being mean to her.”

“The villains that I don’t like are the ones who are bullying and being mean,” she continues. “She’s not really being mean, she’s being herself and the other girls just don’t like it.”

Adding, the real problem the other girls have with Corinne is that “Nick likes it.”

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With a new batch of ladies vying for love on a new season of “The Bachelor Canada”, Jasmine also shares her advice on how to stand out from the crowd.

“Try your best to make him feel special,” she recommends.

Adding, “for me, the people who stood out the most were the ones that made me feel like we were in a relationship.”

Jasmine goes on to say that sometimes it can be stressful, but that “having someone who you feel has your back is a nice thing.”