Arnold Schwarzenegger is hitting back at Donald Trump after the new U.S. President slammed the “Celebrity Apprentice” host and his dismal ratings.

In an interview for an upcoming issue of Men’s Journal, the former bodybuilder advises not to “get into a stinking contest with a skunk.”

Trump turned to Twitter last month to address Schwarzenegger’s ailing ratings, writing, “wow, the ratings are in, and Arnold Schwarzenegger got ‘swamped’ (or destroyed) by comparison to the ratings machine, DJT.”

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He continued, tweeting, “so much for….being a movie star — and that was season 1 compared to season 14. Now compare him to my season 1. But who cares, he supported Kasich & Hillary.”

Schwarzenegger also shared his initial thoughts after reading Trump’s inflammatory tweets: “I said, ‘Let’s sit on it for an hour.’ I called my assistant and said, ‘I think what we really should do is request a meeting and go back to New York…And then we just smash his face into the table.”

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“I think I have to be above all of that and put him on the spot,” the former governor of California added.

Instead of resorting to violence, Schwarzenegger, instead, replied with a diplomatic tweet: “There’s nothing more important than the people’s work. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you’ll work for ALL of the American people as aggressively as you worked for your ratings,” he tweeted.

The Hollywood legend went on to reveal how he landed the gig in the first place, sharing that he reached out to executive producer Mark Burnett for the role: “When Trump started running for office, I said to myself, ‘Obviously he can’t do both…They said, ‘Let’s do a season and see what happens.’”