WATCH: Dax Shepard Reveals Wife Kristen Bell Shaved His Butt

From the Too Much Information Department comes this interview with Parenthood“s Dax Shepard, who made a strange and very-personal confession on Conan O’Brien’s talk show: his wife, Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell, shaved his butt for him.

Stressed over his rear end being on “full display”; during a nude scene in his new film This Is Where I Leave You, Dax admitted that while his cheeks are fairly hairless, he was eager to prevent moviegoers from seeing what Conan sidekick Andy Richter describes as “a forest in the valley.”; He turned to Kristen for help.

“My deep fear is that it would look like there was a werewolf trying to escape my butt crack,” explained Shepard, and asked Kristin to help defoliate. Unfortunately, Dax admits he felt “vulnerable and weird”; during what was ultimately a “terrible experience”; as Kristin shaved him with a set of electric clippers. But things got really awkward when Kristen started humming the melody to an iconic disco classic:

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