An unlikely suitor made for an incredibly adorable moment at Demi Lovato’s tour stop in Moline, Illinois.

The “Neon Lights”; songstress received an onstage proposal at the show courtesy of a 5-year-old Lovatic by the name of Grant. The young fan was plucked out of the crowd thanks to a sign that read “Demi I have a ring for you.”; Once the boy arrived on stage, he asked for the pop star’s hand in marriage.

“I will!”; was Demi’s delighted response to Grant’s big question. “You put the ring on the right finger too! Thank you!”;

No word yet on where the young couple are registered or how Wilmer Valderrama feels about being replaced by this new beau.

Interested in seeing video of how it all played out? Why wouldn’t you be? We have Grant’s proposal for you to check out below.