Justin Bieber has proudly declared that he is, in fact, “All About That Bass.”;

The Canadian pop sensation has popped up on Maejor Ali’s remix of Meghan Trainor’s monster smash. Beliebers in treble will no doubt be crushed by this development.

“I’m excited to bring a hood yet house twist to such a catchy song,”; said Ali when speaking with Billboard about this unique remix. “I first put this song out as a production remix on my own. Not soon after it went out Meghan heard it, then Justin heard it, and shortly after they asked me to pull my version down so that the collaboration could happen. And that’s the dopest part.”;

We have the Maejor Ali and Justin Bieber-flavoured remix of “All About That Bass”; tucked below for your listening pleasure. (Careful! NSFW lyrics ahoy!) Is this rework an improvement or an embarrassment? Give it a listen and tweet us your review.