Exactly one month from today, the 34th season of “Survivor” returns with a special “Game Changers” edition.

“Survivor: Game Changers – The Mamanuca Islands” kicks off with a cast of 20 returning players – including a mix of winners and losers – fighting for the million bucks, including fan favourites like Tony, Sandra, Cirie and Malcolm.

When ET Canada’s Erin Cebula visited the top-secret set, she sat down with two-time “Survivor” winner Sandra to find out why she decided to risk breaking her perfect winning record to return for “Game Changers”. “When I got the call – I said ‘yes’ with no hesitation, because this is how I make my money!” Sandra tells Erin. “‘Survivor’ has been nothing but good to me. How could I say no?”

Before the castaways hit the battlefield – for another chance to outplay, outwit and outlast in the new season of the hit reality competition – check out our exclusive sneak peek at the brand new immunity idol.

For season 34 the show is embracing a nautical look and the idol is no exception. This time around, the idol is made from a golden-metal, vintage, deep sea diving helmet – a stark contrast to the typically wooden idols that borrow from the cultural or religious iconography of the region in which the season is filmed.

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The 20 returning players are divided into two tribes: Mana and Nuku.

The Nuku tribe members include Oscar “Ozzy Lusth, Cirie Fields, James “J.T” Thomas, Debbie Wanner, Andrea Boehlke, Tai Trang, Brad Culpepper, Sarah Lacina, Sierra Dawn-Thomas and Zeke Smith.

While the Mana tribe is made up of Michaela Bradshaw, Aubry Bracco, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Ciera Eastin, Malcolm Freberg, Hali Ford, Caleb Reynolds, Troyzan Robertson, Jeff Varner and Tony Vlachos. Meet the tribes here.

Check out the reveal above and stay tuned right here for more “Survivor: Game Changers” exclusives right up until the two-hour premiere – which also happens to be the series’ landmark 500th episode – on Wednesday, March 8 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Global TV.