Tyra Banks and her company, Tyra Beauty, were put on the #GrabYourWallet campaign’s boycott list for her work on the current season of “The New Celebrity Apprentice”.

Banks’ beauty line and actress Jessica Alba’s baby and body-care line, The Honest Company, appear on “The New Celebrity Apprentice”.

Both Banks’ and Alba’s brands were then taken off the list when reps told Grab Your Wallet that the two are cutting ties with the show and will no longer be supporting it.

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“We want to make it clear that Tyra Beauty is not an active sponsor of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ series and does not plan to become one in the future,” a Tyra Beauty spokesperson told Racked in a statement. “Filmed a year ago, our involvement was limited to showcasing Tyra Beauty’s innovative cosmetics products.”

Banks appeared on an episode where the celebrities were challenged with presenting her products to a live audience. Alba appeared in a different episode as an adviser promoting her personal care brand.

Trump previously said he was no longer associated with the reality competition show but he’s still acting as executive producer.

A list of companies associated with U.S. President Donald Trump, his family and his administration has been compiled by a group organizing the boycott.

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According to the Grab Your Wallet website, The Honest Company will not be working with the show again either.

“I think what we’re seeing right now is consumer power acting as a direct and substantial check to a presidential administration out of step with core American values of equality and inclusivity,” Shannon Coulter, one of the organizers behind Grab Your Wallet, told Racked. “Fortunately, in the United States, money talks. The women of this nation are showing it walks, too.”

The boycott spreadsheet, which is being updated on an ongoing basis and which only Coulter has editing access to, includes Nordstrom, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, TJ Max, Lord & Taylor and many more.

“What this boycott means to me is that companies that I love, like Nordstrom and Amazon, are making money from the Donald Trump campaign, which to me is synonymous with hate and divisiveness so I can’t, in good faith, shop there anymore,” Coulter said. “People aren’t boycotting them to punish them or ruin any businesses. They want to support these companies but can’t do so in good conscience.”

There are other potential reasons for the skid, including its schedule time against juggernaut “The Bachelor” and the fact that the “Apprentice” brand has dwindled greatly in terms of popularity. Whether that’s happened as attrition over time, or as a result of negative associations with the Trump name, is anybody’s guess. Many reports suggest that the show’s ratings have been on the decline for several years.

— With files from Chris Jancelewicz