This Week In Music Videos: Vince Staples, Calvin Harris & A Halloween Sequel From Froggy Fresh

Howdy! Welcome to another nougat-infused edition of This Week In Music Videos, the weekly ET Canada feature that delivers a collection of hot new clips in one easy-to-swallow capsule.

Every Friday we showcase the biggest, boldest and brightest music videos that have tumbled out into the world over the past seven days. Some clips are amazing, a few are amazingly awful and occasionally there’s one or two that revolutionize the way we guzzle a bag of wine and gawk at them crazy moving pictures.

Let’s spring into action, shall we?

Vince Staples – Fire Vince Staples (not to be confused with Greg Office Depot) ranks as one of the hottest prospects in hip-hop today. The freshly unveiled clip for “Fire”; features the Long Beach rap phenom acknowledging that he’s probably in the on-deck circle for a spot in hell. This realization is ladled out as the 21-year-old MC is hanging out in church and passing along his observations while in a confessional. You don’t have to be looking up condo listings in hell just yet, Vince. Maybe Pope Francis can put in a good word for you once your full-length drops.

Tove Styrke – Borderline We can think of worse people to hang out with in an abandoned portion of the world . Swedish pop superheroine (that’s the country’s main export) Tove Styrke returns with a gorgeous new promo that features her posse having the run of a relatively deserted locale and they even squeeze in some time to smash a car up Street Fighter II bonus stage style.

Shotty – I’m Glad It’s Over Speaking of Street Fighter II, the new video from Seattle/L.A. fizz rock tune vendors Shotty features all sorts of nostalgia-laced video game cameos. (Ryu appearance ahoy!) Ol’ timey video games of the 8 and 16-bit era are the ones getting some shine in this clip, which features some gratuitous Shaq Fu action. (Note: We’re now approaching an age where grown-ups face the odd responsibility of explaining a Shaquille O’Neal fighting game to their children. EMBRACE THE SHAME!)

Calvin Harris – Slow Acid The latest visual offering from Calvin Harris steers away from “Hey! Check out these EDM tunez that are playing while attractive people dance/drive/swim/wear t-shirts!”; promo fare to instead focus on a silver teen that embarks on a frightening bender. We mean that quasi literally. The shiny star of this video actually bends and stretches an awful lot near the end.

Fat Joe featuring Jennifer Lopez – Stressin Fat Joe and J Lo have paired up once again. Their new clip for “Stressin”; features an expensive looking evening that looks a smidge more ritzy than cheap night at your local bowling alley.

Froggy Fresh – Halloween II The artist formerly known as Krispy Kreme returns with a thrilling sequel to last year’s “Halloween”;. We’re looking forward to this lovable scamp knocking out Season of the Witch next October. (That’s how the running order for this works, right?)

Ex Hex – Waterfall Mary Timony’s awesome new power pop outfit Ex Hex has gone sci-fi for their clip for “Waterfall”;. In the promo, a flying saucer shoots beams that turn ordinary schnooks into stylish Janes and Joes. There are cameos galore in this promo with appearances from the likes of Kid Congo Powers, Alec MacKaye, Michelle Mae and Francy Z. Graham woven into the proceedings.

Timber Timbre – Grand Canyon The latest video offering from Timber Timbre features missing faces and multiple items that are set ablaze. What more could you want? Missing items and faces set ablaze? That would be barbaric!

That wraps things up for this week’s installment of TWIMV and it also marks the final edition of this humble li’l video roundup enterprise. It’s been a fun ride, but This Week In Music Videos is packing it in. Don’t worry,  ET Canada will still have all of the week’s hottest music videos profiled in our regular day-to-day coverage.

Thanks for making TWIMV a part of your Friday! We had a blast having these music video powerhangs with you.

Play us out, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony!



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