Self-described Destiny’s Child fan Karlie Kloss is in some hot water on the Twittersphere this week for mistaking the Beyonce-led group for TLC.

The model took part in a Q&A with LOVE Magazine in which she declares her obsession with Beyonce.

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After gushing about “her swag! her confidence… her smile,” her creativity and killer stage wardrobe, Kloss makes an embarrassing error that many would quickly pick out.

When asked how Beyonce has influenced her life, Kloss responds with, “she is the soundtrack to my LIFE!… C’mon ‘Waterfalls’?”

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Kloss addressed the slip hours later and laughed it off with the help of an “LOL” and adorable see-no-evil monkey emoji.

Though Beyonce or Destiny’s Child may have covered the hit at some point in time, the song was originally released by TLC on their cult album “CrazySexyCool” back in 1994.

In other Kloss related news, fans of the beauty were offered a sneak peek at her newest project this week when Netflix released the trailer for “Bill Nye Saves The World” on Wednesday. “Bill! Bill! Bill! Nerding out that I get to be a part of #BillNyeSavesTheWorld. April 21st on @Netflix,” Kloss captioned a portrait with the scientist on Instagram.

Watch the trailer below.