Cheryl Hickey’s Mammogram Moments

I have met many people in my travels while working in this wacky industry, but none make me laugh more than comedienne and TV star Jessica Holmes.

Not only is this girl funny, but she is smart and always moving forward to keep life in check. So when I was asked to pick a my booby buddy for my mammogram Jessica was it!

As part of the CIBC Run for the Cure campaign we  decided to take our viewers behind the curtain – literally – to encourage other women to get proactive in their breast health. It is something we women put on the back burner while we are busy making sure our families are all good, bosses are happy at work and let’s be honest… it leaves little time for you. No wonder women feel spent… ok I need to stay focused. My point is, get a health buddy and make a day of getting checked, then go for dinner and celebrate the fact that “you”; put  “you”; first.

Jessica and I did just that. I am grateful she was there. I wasn’t nervous about the mammogram.  I had a mammogram once in my early 20s after a routine exam uncovered a funky lump. I was a lucky girl, it just ended up being cysts. Since then I had heard mammograms hurt and for some reason in my mind I wondered if  it would hurt. It DIDN’T HURT ONE BIT!

Wanda at Medcan where we got our mammies is amazing. For both Jessica and I, this woman was a star. We also sat down with an amazing doc at the clinic who ran through all of the information women need to know. You can see that in the story on ET Canada tonight and right here on our website.

Interestingly enough, after my appointment the radiologist wanted further investigation on my chest. So this past Wednesday I went back to Medcan and along with my full body work-up I had a breast ultrasound to discover I have, like many women, multiple cysts and a couple of fibroadenomas – benign breast lumps. I call them my lumpy and bumpies. So as a result I will be going back in six months for another ultrasound. To me, doing this is all about knowing your body and not treating something after the fact. For me, I checked, now I move on with my great life. I’m a lucky one.

I know that for many, after a breast check, before getting on with their lives they face many challenges and heart aches. They battle to not live in a place of worry, rather in a place of survival. These women are our heroes. They need to know we are all sending them good vibes and our love.

Here at ETC we have two survivors on our team. They inspire us, they are brave and most importantly, they are here.

So ladies if you feel a bump don’t be a stump, get up, get going and start asking questions. If you need a funny friend to be your booby buddy to give you courage, make that call, sometimes it helps to laugh.

Watch the sneak peek of Cheryl and Jessica’s mammogram moments in the video below and catch the full thing on tonight’s show! Plus, follow the link if you’d like to donate to CIBC RFTC’s Team ET Canada or our Team Captain Cheryl Hickey.



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