Ricky Gervais star sat down with “Hot Ones” host Sean Evans for a fleshed-out discussion of all things Gervais, plus ten progressively hotter wings to chew through.

The show’s format is simple: The guests answer ten questions while working their way through the wings. It starts off easy with hot sauces like Sriracha and move all the way up to wings coated in Blair’s Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage. As the show progresses, the questions become harder and harder to answer as the guests tend to their tongue burns.

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Substituting the regular chicken wings for vegan wings, for Gervais’s convenience, the 55-year-old English comedian and Evans chow down while Gervais explains the problem with five-star hotels. “They’re too far from the venue. Sometimes I have to travel up to 35 minutes to get to the five-star hotel,” he reveals. “I’ve changed the town before, if the five-star hotel is too far away,” he admits, before hysterically laughing, “I’m coming off as such a brat, aren’t I?”

In a glimpse of what’s to come, Gervais looks at the second wing and proclaims “Oh god, I am such a f**king wimp.” The show’s host attempts to motivate “The Office” actor by saying, “People with your disposition perform remarkably well on ‘Hot Ones’. The people who are most nervous, the people who doubt themselves the most always seem to perform the best.”

Gervais argues, “That would be great advice, if it weren’t about being able to eat hot wings on camera. I can’t use that in my life.” Evans quips back, “I never thought I could!” to which Gervais chuckles madly.

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Faced with the tipping point of whether or not to continue, Gervais admits he wasn’t planning on taking part in the game to begin with. “I don’t know what to do. I came here today going ‘this is ridiculous, I’m going to bail out, I’m not going to be entertainment for some f**king idiot on the internet. I’m not going to do this.’ And then something kicks in and goes, ‘I reckon I can win this!'”

To see just how far Gervais goes, watch the clip. And check out “David Brent: Life on the Road” on Netflix now — it’s the least Gervais deserves for the pain he endured in promoting the show.