Whoopi Goldberg Enlightens Keanu Reeves On Losing Her Pubic Hair

Friday’s episode of the “Graham Norton Show” saw Whoopi Goldberg shed light on a little-known fact about women and aging.

The comedian’s fellow guest, Keanu Reeves, was just an innocent bystander when Goldberg enlightened him about the phenomenon known as the “balding pudenda.”

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“Oh wait, do I want to know what this is?” Reeves asked before Goldberg dashed into the TMI moment.

“I don’t know, but I would just put it this way…There was once a time where,” Goldberg began before pausing and telling Reeves: “I don’t even know if I should tell him.”

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“I’m really scared!” Reeves admitted.

But Goldberg continued nonetheless! “Once where there was an afro that I could put beads on and braid, there is now Paul Schaffer’s head.”

Goldberg also commended guest Jamie Dornan, saying that he’s “a great kid and a great actor,” before revealing that she’s never filmed a sex scene. “It wasn’t my decision!” she noted.

“You can’t go after him and you can’t flirt, you’ve just got to be old!” she said regretting that she was too old to flirt with the “Fifty Shades Darker” star.

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