She killed it on stage at our 2014 New Year’s Eve at Niagara Falls party and last night ET Canada caught up with Demi Lovato during one of her Canadian tour stops to see how the “Neon Lights”; singer is doing since we last saw her.

Feisty as we remembered her, Demi is quick to comment on Taylor Swift’s recent headline-making statement regarding the sexism behind dissecting her songs about past boyfriends.  “Don’t f**k with me if you’re going to say women suck,”; Demi says.  Adding that her message has always been about “inspiring women and inspiring everybody to be honest.”;

And that’s not all the “Skyscraper”; singer had to say about her “good friend”; Taylor, Demi opened up to us about how she thinks fame has yet to affect Swift.

“She’s one person that I feel like, one of the few people I’ve maintained a friendship with in this industry,”; Lovato says.  Adding, “[fame] just changes people and it’s hard because you have incredible friendships and people change,”; possibly alluding to her falling out with former pop star Selena Gomez.

Aside from her friendship with Taylor, the singer has a strong circle of support, from her super adorable five-year-old fiance Grant to her boyfriend Wilder Valderrama, who the singer might actually attempt to co-ordinate with this Halloween.

“I think this year, yes,”; Demi tells us about the possibility of her and Valderrama hitting up Halloween in a couples costume.  Unable to hold back her megawatt smile, Lovato adds, “it’s never happened really in the past, although we have kind of ended up…our costumes end up matching.”;

With her empowering messages, it’s no surprise that millions of Lovatics adore her.  The singer has been extremely open about her struggles with addiction in the past, something she tells us she hopes will help inspire others.

“One lesson to learn is that you have to be able to tell the difference between yes people and no people,”; she says adding, “because if people are handing you drugs do they really care about you? That’s what I had to learn the hard way.”;

“You have to realize your worth is so much more than putting shit up your nose,”; she concludes.

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