Is there a perfect selfie? See what the experts have to say…

From duck faces to morning faces the quest for the perfect selfie ends here, thanks to some top tips from our team of experts at Maybelline.

Rule number one, you have to use a filter. “You’re only as good as your last filter,”; says Grace Lee from Maybelline. If you think about it, most of us filter food pictures to make our food look better, it’s time we show our faces some love, and give them the filter they deserve.

selfie 3

When it comes to taking photos of yourself, “more is more”; according to the experts, so take as many photos as you need to until you get the perfect selfie. Model Dauphine Mckee says “it’s a little conceited but it is what it is, so if you do it, own it.”; The more you take, the better your chances are, just make sure not to post all the other photos. No one needs to see the 40 tries it took to get that perfect selfie!

selfie 4

Last but not least, according to the ladies of Toronto Fashion Week, the one thing not to do when taking a selfie… the duck face. The experts show us how it’s done below, take a look…