‘Survivor: Game Changers’ Castaway: Zeke Smith

Name: Zeke Smith

Hometown: Brooklyn,  New York

Age: 28

Previously Played On: Season 33: “Survivor: Millennials vs GenX”

A relative newbie to the game, Zeke proved he’s a player in the last season of “Survivor”, making it to the final nine, but how far does Smith think his approach to Survivor will take him?

“I have a philosophy about the game and it’s two parts,” he tells Erin Cebula. “One, I believe ‘Survivor’ should be played with style and I think you should be swinging for the fences every day you wake up on [the show].”

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“There is no sense in sitting at the end and losing and getting second or third place because you don’t have a resume to claim a million dollars.”

And it seems fans might get more than they bargained for this time around with the back-to-back castaway.

“If there’s a blindside available, if there’s some hijinx, then I want to do that,” he says. “‘Survivor’ is miserable, but the game is fun so you have to have fun to counterbalance the misery.”

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