Aaron Carter Says He Laid The Groundwork For Justin Bieber’s Success

Aaron Carter has potentially ignited a feud with Justin Bieber.

While appearing on an episode of the “Allegedly” podcast airing Tuesday, the former teen pop star addressed comments made by Justin Bieber’s attorney in 2015, which claimed he helped the Canadian pop sensation avoid Aaron Carter’s career mistakes.

Carter laughed off the insult and hit back with one of his own. The singer, whose new EP “LøVë” is currently at No. 42 on iTunes’ pop album charts, went on to say he laid the groundwork for Bieber’s success. “If I was Scooter Braun, I would be threatened too,” he said while promoting his latest album. “Hope you’re enjoying my pavement.”

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“Trust me when I was a little kid… it was just always different. When I was younger I was looked like taboo,” he continued. “This little kid who looks like a girl singing? You want to put him on out radio station?”

“But somehow I’ve sold more records than Justin Bieber even until this day,” Carter added.

And when asked whether he would ever entertain the idea of a collaboration between the stars, the 29-year-old shut down the possibility, saying “absolutely not.”

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Carter’s recent tour across the American Midwest, meanwhile, has garnered lukewarm reviews from the media. The Inquisitor reports that his show in Iowa was plagued with technical difficulties and awkward moments from the “I Want Candy” star.

Carter’s new album “LøVë”, which he produced himself debuted last Friday. “After years of waiting and developing my sound I’ve finally released New music,” he tweeted last week.



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