If you’re only going to see one cannibal action-thriller starring a famous model, you’ll want to make sure it’s “The Bad Batch”.

Featuring Suki Waterhouse in her first starring role, the film — directed by Ana Lily Amirpour (“A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night”) — finds the model-turned-actress playing a young woman who finds herself in a dystopian wasteland in the middle of a Texas desert, where she finds herself captured by a gang of flesh-eating cannibals who look at her as the catch of the day.

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Following some particularly nasty business, she winds up joining forces with a cleaver-wielding, shirtless tough guy (Jason “Aquaman” Momoa), who assists her in seeking brutal revenge on the cannibalistic maniacs, while Keanu Reeves (looking almost unrecognizable), Giovanni Ribisi and Jim Carrey — yes, that Jim Carrey — also star.

“The Bad Batch” held its world premiere back in September at the Venice Film Festival, winning a Special Jury Prize for writer-director Amirpour, and also made an impression of those who saw the film when it screened at TIFF last year.

“The Bad Batch” is slated for release on June 23, but the first trailer can be seen above.