‘Survivor: Game Changers’ Castaway: Debbie Wanner

Name: Debbie Wanner

Hometown: Reading, Pennsylvania

Age: 50

Previously Played On: Season 32: “Survivor: Kaoh Rong”

Quite possibly the only person who didn’t want to return to “Survivor,” straight-shooter Debbie Wanner tells Erin Cebula that she wasn’t sure she wanted to play again.

“I did not jump at the opportunity and my initial response was no,” she said, “and that’s just the truth.”

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But obviously Wanner found herself in Fiji, so what changed her mind?

After thinking it through, and taking a cold hard look at her 1-in-20 chance of winning a million dollars, Debbie tells Erin the reason she came back was two-fold: “I’m not going to die, and why the hell not?”

Accepting that her ability to “do the right thing” might make her a game changer in the “Survivor” universe, Debbie says, although she might fit with the group, she’s being realistic about her age.

“I’m 50 years old, I’m a great 50 years,” she says. “However, I still am realistic and understand I’m playing against 20-somethings, time is on their side as is good ligaments and strong muscles,” she continues.

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“This is a good group of people,” she continues. “The key the second time around is there are 5-6 people way weaker than me and much much bigger targets.”

And when it comes to playing the game, Debbie already has her “Survivor” philosophy sorted out: “I have to remember I’m a captain, not a commander.”

Watch the premiere on Global March 8.





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