Gordon Ramsay Challenges Home Cook To Keep Up With Him, Insults Meal As ‘A Dog’s Dinner’

Fans of “Hell’s Kitchen”, “MasterChef”, “Hotel Hell” and Gordon Ramsay’s various other culinary reality shows are entertained when the mercurial superstar chef insults incompetent wannabe chefs as “donkeys” and other far more NSFW descriptors in his foul-mouthed diatribes.

For those who think that’s just an act Ramsay puts on for television, then check out this video courtesy of Bon Appetit magazine in which Ramsay challenges a far-less-experienced home cook to try to keep up with him while he whips up a batch of crab cakes — in 15 minutes.

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Ramsay’s competitor — a guy named Shane — rates his cooking skills as “pretty bad,” admitting that on a scale of 10, “I’d say I’m a two.”

With the clock ticking, Ramsay whips through the dish at a lightning pace, while Shane, well, doesn’t.

When the time is up, Ramsay serves up a perfectly plated dish that would be perfectly at home on a table of one of his restaurants, while Shane’s effort inspires Ramsay to declare, “Holy f***,” adding that the dish “looks like a dog’s dinner.”

Despite Ramsay’s disparaging words, Shane says that after spending time in the kitchen he feels like he could actually start cooking — which is the point of the whole thing. Watch it above.




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