Nicole Kidman Opens Up About Her First Kiss With W Magazine

As a part of the “Best Performance” issue, Nicole Kidman opens up to W magazine.

The “Little Big Lies” star got real about her first kiss, “This is crazy. So I’m watching ‘The Shining’, can you believe it? And we’re playing hooky from school. And I have my first kiss watching ‘The Shining’, is that not weird? And… we did a few other things than just kiss too. Don’t ask.”

#NicoleKidman had her first kiss while watching #TheShining.

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She later admitted, “Well, I didn’t see a lot of it. But I’m very—I love that film.”

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Not only did the 49-year-old actress reveal secrets about her first kiss, she opened up about why she decided to take on her Oscar-worthy role in “Lion”, “It’s not the reason I did the film, obviously, but it was one of the great things that drew me to it, was being able to shoot in Australia, and obviously because the Australian film industry gave me my start. To then be able to support it and go back, which is what I’ve been trying to do far more.”

Husband, country singer Keith Urban, is also Australian and joins her when she films a lot of her movies. Kidman shared a favourite birthday memory with Urban, “When I turned 40 and Keith drove me up the top of this small hill—we were shooting the film ‘Australia’—and he sat me down. And he had put together this huge firework display. And I sat there and watched like fireworks that would have cost a fortune, and it was just for the two of us. It was amazing, it was just… it was sexy.”

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Kidman also spilled that even she cried while watching her touching role in “Lion”, which landed her a fourth Academy Award nomination, along with the Oscar she already has at home.



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