‘Survivor: Game Changers’ Castaway: Caleb Reynolds

Name: Caleb Reynolds

Hometown: Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Age: 28

Previously Played On: Season 32: “Survivor: Brain vs. Brawn vs. Beauty ll”

Over it’s 34 seasons, “Survivor” has had a couple of scary moments when castaways were forced out of the game due to a medical evacuation. Caleb Reynolds, who was evacuated after suffering severe heatstroke in season 32, is no stranger to the unfinished business that comes with being evacuated. The castaway is back and tells Erin why he’s ready to play again in “Survivor: Game Changers”.

Speaking to that fateful challenge before he was laid out with heatstroke, Caleb says he’s looking on the bright side of the scary experience.

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“When I thought that I was doing something right for my tribe and giving it all I had and wanting to be the warrior for my tribe, you know it turned out not so good for me,” Caleb says. “But you know, [being here] does take me back to that day and, it makes me feel good and like this is another opportunity for me to continue to be a warrior for my tribe and just not going out the way that I did.”

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With his life on the line again, has his outlook on challenges changed?

“This time you know going in I have to just keep in mind that the object to this game is to get the end and be the last one standing,” he says, adding, “when it comes to reward challenges, [I need to] remember that my life isn’t worth salt and pepper.”

To see Caleb back in action (and possibly rekindling his bromance with Tai) make sure to tune into the premiere of “Survivor: Game Changers” on Global March 8.




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