‘Survivor: Game Changers’ Castaway: Ozzy Lusth

Name: Ozzy Lusth

Hometown: Venice, California

Age: 34

Previously Played On: Season 13: “Survivor: Cook Islands” – Runner-up, Season 16: “Survivor: Micronesia” – Finished 9th & Jury Member and Season 23: “Survivor: South Pacific” – Finished 4th & Jury Member

One of the most talked-about castaways to return to the game, Ozzy Lusth is a self-proclaimed “glutton for punishment.”

“I’m like a werewolf and ‘Survivor’ is like my moon,” the California native tells Erin Cebula. “Every time people are playing and I’m not there, I can feel it crawling through my blood.”

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Ozzy made a name for himself becoming a “challenge beast” in every season he played in, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a little intimidated with the other challenge superstars.

“You’ve got Brad Culpepper, who’s an NFL star,” Ozzy says. “You’ve got people like Malcolm [Freberg] who obviously has an amazing array of talents that are very similar to my own and then you’ve got people who are unknown, like Caleb, who never really got a chance to perform.”

“There’s a lot at stake here and there’s a lot of competition.”

Find out whether Ozzy will retain his title of “challenge beast” when “Survivor” returns for its 34th season on Global, March 8.



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