Hugh Jackman Says ‘Logan’ Is His Love Letter To Fans In His Final Outing As Wolverine

The end has come for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

After playing Wolverine in nine films over 17 years, Jackman is hanging up his Adamantium claws for the final time in “Logan”.

“I could only make this movie if I knew it was the last one because the stakes are high,” he tells ET Canada’s Rick Campanelli. “This is like a love letter to the fans. And everything I’ve learned from the character, from playing him and reading the comics, is in this movie.”

Jackman first landed the role of the tortured mutant Logan in “X-Men” back in 2000. It marked both the first major role for the Australian actor and his first American-made film, serving as his first introduction to the world of the X-Men comic universe. Now 48-years-old, Jackman is finally ready to bid Wolverine goodbye though the now-iconic character will always remain a special part of the actor.

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“I love this character. I love the fans,” he says. “I had never heard of X-men when I got the part so it’s been an education for me. It’s the first film I did in America and now it’s 17 years later, it has been the actual spine of my career. It’s launched my career, so I owe everything to it.”

A weary Logan is caring for an ailing Professor X in the film “Logan”, once again played by Patrick Stewart. Logan’s attempts to hide from the world and his legacy in a secret location near the Mexican border are thrown into jeopardy when a young mutant, pursued by dark forces, arrives at his hideout.

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The actor got absolutely ripped for the role one final time, working out with a trainer to get in tip top shape to play the mutant. And while he may have missed carbs during his rigourous training schedule, he’s definitely not complaining now.

“I hear some guy watching TV going ‘Hang on a sec! So, they want you to play Wolverine and they are going to give you a trainer and get you in the best shape of your life and you’re going to get paid for it?’,” he laughs. “Ah, yes! This is not a sob story!”

Jackman will take his final bow as Wolverine when “Logan” opens in theatres on March 3.



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